Karalyn Cardinale Hingorani, APCC

KCH Pic“It is a joy to be hidden, and disaster not to be found.” – Winnicott

Finding the right therapeutic “fit” can feel challenging. It can take time to find someone with whom we feel comfortable to reveal true selves. Someone who intuitively understands what we are communicating and why it is important to us. At the same time, when we are in the most in need of care and support, we often feel the least up for the task. I understand this process can be daunting and invite the opportunity to provide support and guidance to soften the process. That path may lead to us collaborating within the context of a therapeutic relationship. Other times, it will be a steppingstone helping you find a fit with which you are more compatible elsewhere. Each stone is meaningful when moving toward the path of desired change. I welcome the opportunity to be a part of your journey at any point along the path.

In our busy, multitasking lives, the therapeutic space is a unique atmosphere. Being more than intently listened to, but also seen and heard can cause a variety of emotions to surface, from welcome relief to unanticipated distress. All responses are accepted as useful information that will help inform our work together. The therapeutic approach will be thoughtfully crafted based on your unique situational needs, preferences, and goals. We will move at a pace with which you are comfortable, although there may be some necessary well-meaning nudges along the way. The lens through which I typically work is a combination of evidence-based practices for symptom management and long-term change, combined with holistically blended practices emphasizing wholeness and wellness.

A little about me: A Midwest native, I attended graduate school locally at San Diego State University after relocating to the west coast. I am currently completing postgraduate hours toward licensure (APCC7122) under the supervision of Dr. Julia Rosengren while engaged in full-time PhD study. When not collaborating with clients or colleagues, I can typically be found meandering down nature trails photographing flowers, birds, or other natural beauty stumbled upon. I also enjoy creating aesthetically displeasing artwork crafted with an intention of fun.

Additional training completed: Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT); Eye Movement and Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

Fee: $150 per 50-minute session

Email: karahingorani@drjuliarosengren.com