What is a superbill?

Since I am not in-network with insurance, I provide monthly superbills for those who would like to use them.  They work for most PPO plans and some EPO plans. Superbills are a receipt of services paid for with a diagnosis.  You submit the superbill to insurance for partial reimbursement.  The amount that you get back varies and depends on your specific plan.  Some people get half or even full coverage using superbills.  You may need to meet your deductible before you get the reimbursement, but submitting the superbills go toward your deductible.

If you would like to know how much your insurance will reimburse, please call the number on the back of your card to ask.  Please make sure get the answers to these questions so you are not misinformed.

  1. What is the reimbursement rate for CPT code 90837 (individual therapy for 52-60 minutes)? They will give you a percentage, such as 50 percent.
  2. Then ask what their “allowable” is for the above CPT code.  The allowable is how much your insurance has decided the service is worth to them.  This will be a dollar amount.
  3. If they say they reimburse 50% and their allowable is $100, they will send you $50 for every $150 session.

*Please be aware that using a superbill means that you will have a diagnosis on your insurance, which may or may not have consequences in the future for you.

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